February 02, 2013


Here it is, Privateer fans!  The fan site we've been working on for literally years -- well, months -- well, days -- has come to fruition.

Now that UNO is headed to the Southland Conference with a renewed commitment to Division I, we figure our Privateers are worthy of a legit fan site, as in the days of the old Privateer Island.  There will probably not be items such as regular extensive standard game recaps, et al. There is an official site for such things. What we do have is some basic HTML knowledge, a scanner, some cool old mementos, and many years of encyclopedic recall of UNO athletics.  This site is a labor of love, covering where we've been and how that ties into where we're going.

Mostly, though, it features a new message board with more appropriate colors and, ideally, less spam.  Go to it.  Just remember to click the banner graphic anytime to check the main site.  This is all a work in progress, but we're looking forward to making it a pretty cool little hub.