October 25, 2013

2013-14 College Basketball Previews

Some college basketball season previews and/or predictions have been filtering in of late. Today, the official Southland web site released a preview of the 2013-14 New Orleans Privateers men's basketball team. Now also posted is a UNO women's basketball preview.

Here are the Southland Conference Coach/SID preseason polls.

OTHERS (varying degrees of knowledge/credibility, but FYI):

NBCsports.com Southland preview (UNO picked 11th)
The Back Iron Southland preview (UNO picked 13th)
Prospects For the NBA Draft Southland preview (UNO picked 10th)
Privateers preview from ESPN (requires subscription)
The Catch and Shoot (UNO picked 12th)
Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook (UNO picked 12th, no link)